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Personal Payday Loan: Know the Ways

Hiring a Personal Payday loan is simple and can be done in person at branches , bank correspondents, and also online , through websites or applications . Thus, the policyholder should evaluate the way that will most meet their needs at the time of hiring.

In this post, we will explain more about this mode of credit and show you ways to hire safely and quickly.

Characteristics of the Personal Payday Loan

Characteristics of the Personal Payday Loan

The Personal Payday loan is a benefit granted to retirees and pensioners of the INSS and to public servants . The main characteristic of this type of credit is that its installments are directly discounted from the benefit or salary of the borrower. Therefore, this is a type of credit that presents special conditions that differs from other types of personal credit.

The first of these is the low interest rate , which is around 2.10% per month . These rates stand out as lower compared to other types of credit in the market, such as overdraft, where rates are up to 7 times that of Personal Payday loans.

Another characteristic of consigned loan is the assignable margin , which does not allow to commit all its income with loans. This is because it is determined by law that the maximum paycheck deductible wage payment limit is limited to 30% .

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How to hire Personal Payday loan?

How to hire Personal Payday loan?

Hiring the payday loan is simpler than you think. Although there are various forms of request, the documents required for the operation are the same. Therefore, only RG, CPF, proof of address and the registration number of your benefit are required.

Upon request, the loan takes an average time of 3 to 5 working days to be deposited into the account of the applicant. In addition, it is important to remember that no analysis is done with credit protection agencies. That said, we’ll show you the various ways to apply for your payday loan.



Banks are the main references of financial processes. So, to apply for your consignment loan you can go to the bank branch where you own the account and request your credit from your manager. This alternative, however, can generate some wear and tear because it requires shifting to the bank and sometimes waiting in queues to be attended to.

Bank correspondents

Bank correspondents are specialized stores that intermediate the transactions between the customer and the bank. It is a simple way to dilute the banking service that is often time consuming. However, in addition to also requiring shifting, it is necessary to ascertain the suitability of the store or correspondent to avoid falling into traps.

Autonomous sellers

Self-employed vendors are representatives who, most of the time, go to the client to offer the Personal Payday loan. This is a form of hiring that requires a lot of caution , since it is the format that offers the greatest chances of fraud.

Applications / sites

Applications / sites

Applications and websites, in addition to offering various options for banks and credit simulators, are a way of not leaving your home or exposing your financial situation to others. They are what we call digital media. They are also banking correspondents, but they allow the comfort of making your request from wherever you want, just a cell phone or computer and internet access.

Sites and applications – also known as app – have security certification. This means that all transacted data is encrypted, ie it can only be read by machines and not by people. This greatly increases the security of requests, as it does not make them susceptible to human error or bad faith.

We hope that the information provided by Orlando has clarified the paycheck credit application process! To know more about this type of loan check the content below so that there is no doubt when it comes to hiring.

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