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Loan with 2 Children – from Lenders with a Heart for Families

The search for a loan can sometimes be difficult. Above all, when a loan with 2 children is sought. The reason for this is the fact that there is at least a maintenance obligation for the two children. This means that the seizure allowance is correspondingly high and that an adequate income must be available.

The most important thing – fact check

  • Banks may – by law – only grant secure credit
  • Many providers make the loan security on attachable income, so children are “a problem”
  • Check now – without obligation – your individual credit opportunities
  • However, the comparison requires your non-binding loan application

What is the seizure allowance?

What is the seizure allowance?

The seizure allowance is a limit that marks what income may be seized in the event of a seizure and which income must be left to the person concerned. All income that is below the attachment exemption amount may not be seized.

In addition, there is a proportional claim. The attachment exemption is based on the maintenance obligations of the consumer.

If there are two children who are entitled to maintenance, the limit is currently 1809.99 euros. If there is another spouse who is entitled, this would be € 2039.99, which should not be seized from income. So high is the deductible per month. The seizure allowance also has a very important significance for borrowing.

The borrower must raise an income that is higher than the seizure allowance. Only then is he considered creditworthy. Definitely in the traditional banking houses, which are very strongly oriented to this table.

Which credit options are available?

Which credit options are available?

A loan with 2 children offers plenty of room for a decent income. In addition, if the spouse acts as a guarantor and perhaps even brings a decent income. The loan can therefore be taken up where required. The choice is usually between a specific and an unrestricted offer.

It is decided whether the loan is intended for a particular purchase or whether the money is used for different purposes. Assigned loans require an indication of the intended use. The bank then decides whether or not to finance the project. If the loan with 2 children without earmarking, the bank’s purpose of use must not be betrayed. It decides only on the creditworthiness of the prospective customer, whether a granting of the credit is possible or not. This can be controlled with the help of a fixed income, a good Schufa and possibly additional collateral such as a guarantor.

Credit with 2 children – loan search

Credit with 2 children - loan search

As a seeker you should never take the loan with 2 children lightly. You should always be aware of responsibility. There are many very good offers for a loan with 2 children. In order to be able to survey them all in a simple way, we recommend a comparison.

With our loan calculator, this is done quickly. The required loan amount, the term as well as the purpose of use are required for the comparison. If there is no fixed use, this is indicated with “free use”. On the basis of the data, the loan calculator determines appropriate offers that can be adjusted as desired.

At the end there is the loan offer, which is searched. The loan can be taken with 2 children then directly from the calculator. However, it is also possible to consult with the bank in advance. Applying for an online application has the advantage that even offers from banks that are not located on the spot can be used.

Data protection also guarantees that no third party can read the data of the borrower. These are exchanged exclusively with the bank.

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