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Bad Financialor Payer? 3 Ways to Have a Loan!

Bad Financialor Payer? Find out how to get a loan. Have you been reported in the database on the list of bad payers from Financialor? Are you having trouble getting loans? If you are hired as an employee with a permanent or retired contract, we can help you. Fill out the contact form and get in touch with our company; free service without obligation.

What to do if bad payer Financialor?

What to do if bad payer Financialor?

One of our clients wrote to us: ” I am a Financialor customer for online loans made in the past; I’ve always been regular, then about a year ago I lost my job and all the problems started. Fortunately, from this month I have found a new job, but for the last year I left behind many installments. I made a visit to the crif and it turns out I’m bad payer Financialor. Do you have any solutions? “

In these cases, when there are reports in the database, getting a new personal loan is not easy. There are solutions to access credit, but are limited to those who are hired on permanent contracts or retired.

It is not necessary to be a state employee or a public employee in order to access proposals for bad payers. Let’s see together:

  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment
  • loan changed

Only the first funding listed is accessible if employees or retirees, while the subsequent can be requested only if employees.

Financialor unpaid loans consequences?

In the case of unpaid Financialor loans, the consequence is reporting in the credit databases; among the best known we mention Crif, Experian and CTC.

Now, what happens when a customer is registered with Crif? Every person registered in the credit databases has a quality score. This information will be visible to finance companies and banks only as a result of a new request for financing, loan or mortgage.

In the event that a customer is present in the database with negative information, a new application for funding will be automatically rejected. Negatively even the only unsuccessful requests contribute negatively; in these cases the customer must request the reference branch (for example Financialor Reggio Emilia, Modena, Milan, Rome, Naples, Brescia, Bergamo, Turin, Parma, etc.), the Financialor letter.

Massimo writes:

Buondì, do you think there is a Financialor loan ? I have difficulty in making the loan even with the assignment of the fifth because I work in a company of 3 employees.

We do not know if among the various Financialor loans there are also changed loans, but thanks to our support, Massimo has obtained his loan for € 6500.

Bad Financialor Payer: why choose Financemm?

Our company, active for 15 years in the credit sector, offers a free brokerage service. Our role is to identify the best real solution for the client, even in case of refusal by another financial company. Request a free loan quote for a bad payer right away. Within a few minutes you will be contacted by one of our consultants with whom you will define the conditions of our best loan estimate. Received your confirmation to proceed, we will activate for the preliminary investigation.

The online loan for bad payers proposed by Financemm is the solution for those who report late payments.

Even if Financialor has reported you as a bad payer, even if you have already made other request

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